Friday, October 19, 2007

Chili Weather

I love chili--plain chili, chili-mac, chili dogs, and, of course, chili Frito pie. My recipe file boasts about 10 recipes copied from this magazine or that person claiming to be the chili cook-off winner. I've added wine, used steak instead of ground beef, and bought special onions. But who would have guessed that the best chili I've ever eaten is also the easiest to make? A friend of my husband gave us a bottle of Ken's "Railroad" Chili Seasoning, and being a purist of sorts when it comes to food, I wasn't in hurry to try a mix. It sat in my pantry until I had one of those days when I wanted chili but not the fuss of making it. That's when I pulled out the railroad chili mix, and that's when my search for the best chili ended.

Of course, you can't buy Ken's "Railroad" Chili Seasoning in just any store; you've got to get it online here. Try it, and you'll be blowing your whistle, too!

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wanewhauser2004 said...


Jeff just sent me the link to your Blog article on the chili seasoning. Glad to see that you guys like it so much and stunned that someone would even write about it!

Warren Newhauser