Friday, March 28, 2008

Sargasso Sea

I am a healthy lifestyle wimp. I'm not sure if the greater weakness lies in the constant underlying hunger for chili dogs and Fritos or the price of organically grown non-genetically modified foods. In addition to the fact that I'm not ready to sell my house and live in a tent in order to eat organic free-range eggs, I am also extremely skeptical of most health gurus because they all seem to have "overwhelming scientific evidence" that is in complete opposition to each other's research. Based on my own observations alone, mortality rates are still at 100% and I'm positive that avoiding all trans-fats is not going to change that future reckoning for my family.

So what's the problem? Well I'm perfectly happy living in my world of health as defined by the advertising agencies until I open up a book like this--

Then I start to panic. Not only are our foods all wrong, but my cutting boards, soap, and laminate flooring are poisoning us. All those factoids that my health-conscious friends have shared with me flood back into my head. Help!!!

"Get ahold of yourself, Saralyn!"

I need to do what I can to preserve the health of my family, and it is not up to the FDA, the food corporations, or the health gurus to define what is right and good for us. Navigating the sea of information out there is arduous. I don't know who to believe and I don't have the financial resources to do all of what anyone suggests, but I need to start somewhere.

I'm thankful for the calming affect of people like Monica who blogged about her Organic Food Dilemma. I'm grateful for the many books out there on organic gardening--something we're planning to do in abundance this year--and those on organic housekeeping (the one above is quite informative). And I'm resting in the fact that God is caring for us and already knows what will happen to us in the future, earth-friendly laundry detergent or not.


Monica said...

You make me laugh!! Just today Sean was cleaning our windows with "organic" window cleaner and frustrated because it was so streaky. You can't have everything I guess:)

Do share about your garden!! I've been able to grow tomatoes and that's about it. Going to try and do better this year.

eureka said...

Looking forward to garden updates!

laura said...

found you through nate's blog (cfhusband) kids are napping and i'm supposed to be doing housework! also a homeschooling mama of three- would LOVE to have a copy of the check-me-out chore sheet if you get a chance. i tried to email but the link wasn't working! have a blessed day. it's always nice to read about other women who do what you do and are enjoying it!

Kelly said...

Oh so very well put! I am sure you have written out what many have thought........ And have to agree with Monica, I have yet to find a non harming window cleaner! I was just looking at my mirrors today thinking the kids were drawing on them or something but no it is my organic streaking cleaner, lol!


Les said...

I used to not care at all about that stuff either... but recently started using Shaklee after my husband watched oprah's show on chemicals and being green. You can make an excellent window cleaner with I think 2 drops of their Basic H2 solution. No streaks when I did my spring window washing last week!

I also buy as much organic as I can. The more you do the more it helps I guess; but I don't get obsessed about it.

anika said...

Ok, so when did this happen.... I try not to bore you with our "natural choices" but REALLY I have not been listening to you enough lately to notice you might not be blindly yellow anymore, but perhaps a shade of chartruse is showing up? HMMMMMM ;) love ya