Friday, November 7, 2008

"Church members in too many cases are like deep sea divers, encased in the suits designed for many fathoms deep, marching bravely to pull out plugs in bath tubs."

~ from Mr. Jones Meets the Master, by Peter Marshall

Discuss amongst yourselves.


Galatians 2:20 said...

Hi Saralyn, I can't say that I fully understand the quote, I will ask my husband for more insight. I havn't really been involved in church too may years of my life. However I did get a good belly laugh out of it. And I wonder if the concept of this quote will hit me when I go to church this Sunday.

anika said...

funny, but perhaps you refer to me... I think Peter Marshall is funny but too flippant if he doesn't think he hasn't pulled the drain in the bath tub now and again.....

it is terrible to think you can be shallow.... let us walk softly here... I could drown in all this deep thinking :)

Monica said...

I've been pondering this one for a while. I don't know the context or the author.

The reality is that believers, given the mind of Christ and clothed in His righteousness, are called to go deep- deep into the Word, the Battle, into living out our faith.... We are equipped to do this and it is our purpose.
But, instead, we "look" Christian and "talk" Christian and yet never go anywhere. What a joke. This must look ridiculous to the unbeliever- don't get me started this hour of the night:)