Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feliz Scottie Dog

My children have been singing these words to the tune of "Feliz Navidad" for almost a week now.
We surprised them last Saturday with a trip into the next state to pick up their Christmas present, an 18 week old Scottie/Cairn Terrier we've named Lorna Doone. (If mom's gonna ascent to a dog, it better well be named after a cookie!) She's a sweet little pup we found through a rescue organization.

Of course we had to get a puppy in the middle of the coldest and snowiest weather the Midwest has had this season, and right now I'm spending half of my days walking around my yard telling an 8 lb. dog to find a spot and do her business, and the other half picking up what she did in my house. I think I'm turning into an Eskimo; by January I'll be able to go out in my shorts and T-shirt!


Beth said...

Awww. Very Cute! Yeah, having a dog in the winter is not so fun but hang on, it will be a blast in the spring and summer.

Sharon said...

I don't know if she is potty trained or not but it is said that training in the winter is the best time because they want to do their business and get back in. Wouldn't know, we got our dogs in the fall. Are you knitting yourself some extra warm mittens and scarf for outside.

Anonymous said...

Hi Saralyn, I have an 8 year old rescue.......and he looks exactly like your little pup! I emailed you a few pics, he sure is a sweetie. I always suspected he was a Scottie/Cairn mix.

Sarah said...

My family dog growing up was a cairn / scottie mix (we called her a scairn terrier...) You can see a picture of her, and a sweet tribute on my brother's web-page
(Click 'family', then 'canadian family' then scroll all the way down...)
Enjoy your new puppy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Saralyn, my little Scottie/Cairn is going to be 13 this year and until this past weekend I had never seen another like him but I'm so glad there are more because he's such a great dog. You can see pics of him in the photo section of my myspace page. The link is