Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 21: Work it

The 21 Day Challenge has come to an end! I've learned quite a bit from the lovely ladies who've exposed themselves to the lens every day. It's been challenging, for sure, especially since I hate having my picture taken and have avoided it at all costs for the last 25 years. I've learned to wear a belt, do something different with my hair, and try mixing pieces. I've pulled jewelry out that has sat in my drawer for years. But mostly I've learned to be confident with what God's given me instead of yearning for what I'm not. It's been good.

But I can't say I'll be sorry to not have to photograph myself each and every day!

Day 21: Work it
Faded Glory tank (thrifted, $1.50), Kirra color block tank (thrifted, $1.50), Express sweater (thrifted, $4), Gloria Vanderbilt jeans (thrifted, $5), beaded earrings (thrifted, $1), hairclip borrowed from my tween, flower pin swiped from another thrifted blouse, Etienne Aigner sandals (TJ Maxx,)
Whole outfit without shoes=$13

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But the best thing of all was having my daughter tell me, "Mom, you're so beautiful." To raise a girl who knows that about herself long before she gets to be 40, who has the confidence that no matter what clothes or size or brand she wears she is precious in the eyes of God, is truly a worthy challenge.


Whitney said...

You look great and that picture of you and your daughter is beautiful! I also noticed you're rocking the hair accessories again and have to give you serious props!

Amy said...

Aw, what a sweet daughter you have, and she's right, you are beautiful! Cute outfit, too! Woot woot for the end of the challenge.


Sarah in Indiana said...

What a great take away from the challenge, and what a sweet mother-daughter picture. How fun that you're sporting hair jewels again!

Cori said...

You look fantastic at such a great price! And I love what you wrote at the end. Your daughter is beautiful, as are you! Thanks for linking up!


Chris said...

You and your daughter are both *so* beautiful! I love the wisdom in this post. I'm glad I found your blog, and you can bet I'll tune in to see what other fashion ideas you've got up your sleeve...

Monica said...

As always, I love your perspective. It's been fun from this end to see you on camera. Hope you keep blogging.

NICOLE said...

Lovely blog!