Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've been thinking a lot about mercy lately. We beg for it. We use it as an expletive. But what is it, really, and am I a very good example of it?
I think part of my problem with mercy is that I don't really think I need it. I'm not that bad, after all. Oh, there's a huge example of my pride! (Thanks Cheri, for pointing me to Nancy Leigh DeMoss's pride test.) I seem to think I can slide by on my own goodness because I am--in my own opinion--a nice Christian lady. The truth is, just today I've been rude, self-centered, prideful, lazy, and the list goes on. And what's worse, thinking I'm above God's mercy necessarily keeps me from extending it to others. It is only when I come to grips with the ugliness in my own heart, how far I fall short of God's standard, that I can confess it, be cleansed of it, and be gentle with others as He has been with me.
I need the gospel everyday. I need to see salvation is daily not on my own merit, but on His.

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counselor said...

mercy is seeing a need and being moved emotionally to satisfy the need. satisfy may not be the right word, but i am trying to imply that the one who is being merciful is able to do something to meet need.

grace is intertwined with mercy. when we reject grace we say we are not blind, naked, or poor, but rich. in one way i guess we are rich - in pride that is.