Thursday, February 7, 2008


Maybe I'm the only one on the planet that didn't know you could do this, but tonight the kids and I made homemade microwave popcorn. I'm sorta-maybe-kinda trying to slim about 8 pounds off the old frame and popcorn makes a much healthier snack than the cookies I love to munch. So here's how we did it:

1 brown paper lunch bag
1/3 cup popcorn
1 piece of tape

Put the popcorn into the opened lunch bag. Fold over the top of the bag and secure with tape. Cook in microwave on the normal popcorn setting. Voila! You've got microwave popcorn with no additional icky stuff or mess, and you can even reuse the bag. It's fast, frugal, and fun!


Sharon said...

That is so clever. Mitchell will love trying that. We are big popcorn eaters. I bought him a popcorn cook book for Christmas. All different kind of topings.

Anonymous said...

That is news to me! I am going to have to try that! Thanks.


eureka said...

Great tip! Plus, the snack contains none of the mysterious icky chemicals no one can pronounce.

Monica said...

I've always wondered if this was possible. Thanks:) See, you're not the only one.

Kim said...

I had no idea! Plus this way you don't have mystery butter grease on it.

Rebecca said...

Um, maybe I'm the last one on the internet to learn this ;>) I've never even heard of this idea. Will totally do this {once I run out of my store bought stuff}!

Thanks for the tip!!