Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Princess!

Eight years ago this evening JT fought our way through a mega-church's Saturday evening service traffic, barely making it to the hospital before our beautiful little girl made her appearance. She was born in less than 20 minutes, and weighing in at over 9 lbs, was the biggest baby I had ever seen. (Every nurse that entered our room looked at her, then at me, and said stupefied, "YOU had a 9 lb. baby?" As if I had a choice, right?)

She truly is our "song of joy" and brings color to our lives far beyond her blue eyes and blond hair. Compassionate and kind, she makes friends wherever she goes. And today I can add brave to the list; notice the cute little earrings adorning her lobes. Way to go, girly!

May you grow in beauty this year as you learn to love God and people. May you be both strong and merciful, graceful and wise.

I love you,



anika said...

the following is a note for the pretty girl in the picture mom!

happy belated BIRTHDAY darling princess!!!!!!!!!!!
we love you ooooodles !
and Jesus loves you so much more!
to quote someone my Buddy would be excited about Jesus love you "to infinityyyyyy and beeeeyond!!!!!!!!!!"
I hope your birthday week is super special! I look so forward to seeing your fancy ears, next we meet!
mrs. c

Rebecca said...

Amazing how eight years can go by so quickly, eh? My oldest daughter just turned 7 & I am constantly in awe of the beautiful young lady she is becoming. It seems like you feel the same way. Bless her on year number 8!