Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why boys stink (and are sometimes slick)

Boy takes shower in parents' bathroom.
Mom sniffs boy. Mom asks Boy, "Did you use soap?"
Boy responds, "Well..."
Mom sends Boy into kids' bathroom for second washing, saying, "Use soap."

After retrieving Boy's towel from other bathroom, Mom enters bathroom to catch Boy squeezing conditioner onto his hand to wash with. Mom says, "that's not soap, it's conditioner for Sissy's hair," to which Boy responds, "It says 'body and volume' on it."


Monica said...

Makes sense to me:) I guess sometimes things that are obvious aren't so obvious to some. What would they do with out us moms?

Peaceful Chaoz said...

LOL, I've been reading your blog lately but just had to comment on this one! I can picture my boy doing the same exact thing!! BOYS!!

eureka said...

Great line!