Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm it!

NO, this is not yet another pride issue rising to the top! Monica at Shine Again tagged me and it's my turn to share eight random things about myself. Here goes...

1. I have an arranged marriage with a man eight years my senior. Ok, so not exactly. But my college roommate's dad--who's also my husband's boss--decided we needed to meet and arranged a blind date. My roommate, her parents, two brothers, brother's future wife, and a family friend all accompanied us on it. The rest is history. (Thanks, Yenta Ron!)

2. I spoke before a Congressional Committee when I was in college.

3. I know the States in alphabetical order.

4. I used to sail dingy class boats competitively.

5. I've birthed a 9 lb 3 oz baby with no pain meds. A 7 lb 12 oz one, too, but that sounds less impressive! ;~D

6. I love wearing dresses.

7. I shake like I've got the palsy if I have more than one cup of coffee.

8. I'm obsessed with old things (see no. 1) and have a very hard time getting rid of old stuff people give me even if it's junk (definitely NOT no. 1).

I know "the rules" on this meme says to tag another 8 bloggers, but I'm pretty sure these ladies will humor me and participate. I'm tagging Anika, Beth, Sharon.


Monica said...

Sailing competitively- sounds like so much fun!!

Thanks for sharing about yourself.

AmyR said...

What did you talk to congress about?

Beth said...

It was interesting to hear your 8 things!! Thanks for the tag...that was fun.

anika said...

Do I have to really find 8 bloggers? I don't even know if I know that many... I will list my 8 things... but O my Goodness, to find 8... pray with me... :) you are loved... there was a lot of things I actually DID NOT know.. suprise suprise

Saralyn said...

About Congress--I was on a government supported Constitutional Law Debate team in high school and when I was in college the program came up in budget discussions for re-funding. My debate coach knew I went to college fairly close to DC and he asked me to be the one to ask for the funding. It was not at all what I expected. I went to lunch at a DC restaurant with a room full of Congressmen and then made a speech after we ate.