Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Incarnation in Light of the Apple

As I was tucking my son into bed tonight the following topic came up:

Jesus was a first born son, not just "over all creation" but in his earthly family, as well. I'm sure his little brothers and sisters were no better than my son's, and yet Jesus grew up a sinless older brother who did not give his siblings what they had coming. He did not provoke. He did not lord it over them. He did not retaliate. And why did he do this? Because my little boy cannot.

Theology is a tough thing for a mama, let alone a little boy, but sometimes the Lord pulls back the veil just a little bit and lets us both catch a glimpse of what He's talking about.


Monica said...

What a great conversation! I love it when the God's word comes alive in practical ways like this.

carrie said...


Thanks for your comment and for referring me to your own "real life theology" post.

AmyR said...

Saralyn, I think that is an awesome lesson, I'll have to remind my oldest of that...great lesson, thanks for the reminder!