Thursday, April 10, 2008

A very blustery day

Those kiddie umbrellas with critters on the handles ought to come with warning labels. Trying desperately to hold on to the handle of his dinosaur umbrella in the torrential rain, our little man was literally picked up by the 35 mile hour wind and deposited, cute little hiney down, in a large mud puddle in the parking lot of our local warehouse club. It was all rather Piglet-esque.

Of course by this time Sissy's screaming because her umbrella's inside out and Bubba's giving us all commands as if we were very undisciplined soldiers on a soggy battlefield.

If I wasn't so irritated by the fact that we now had to turn around and head home for a down-to-the-skivvies clothing change instead of doing some grocery shopping and heading to the library before piano lessons, I'd have laughed my head off. As it was, I'm sure our wet shenanigans gave more than a couple folks something to smile about.


Monica said...

I can just picture this and it made me smile:) Hope the suns shining where you are today.

Sharon said...

We had Mitchell's school conference yesterday and just when we came out is when the weather decided to get real nasty. It wasn't that long of a walk back to our Jeep but I had to hold on to Mitchell and my hood at the same time. By the time we got in the Jeep we were laughing because we were soaked and water was dripping off our faces. It was a good day for flannel pajamas.

eureka said...

Speaking of blustery spring weather --

The phrase "in like a lion, out like a lamb" (RE: March) always intrigues me as somewhat parallel, if not concurrent, with the Easter season. Jesus came into Jerusalem as a kingly lion and out as the sacrificial lamb. The thought always crosses my mind each spring as the weather changes.