Saturday, September 6, 2008

That's what little girls are made of

My house was full of giggles and squeals this afternoon as we celebrated Sissy's eighth birthday with her girlfriends. (It was too much for the menfolk so they hit the road and went fishing.) We spent an hour working on counted cross-stitch turtles, then they made their own individual pizzas and told all their family secrets (just kidding, moms)!

Sis decided she was too old for a character cake and chose my favorite, grasshopper pie, as her birthday dessert.
Of course, the best part for all the girls was playing with the gifts during the last 15 minutes before the parents arrived. My living room looked like a toy store explosion!

Each girl went home with a new skill, a project to work on, and a bag full of candy jewelery. Little girl life is sweet.


anika said...

Princess KI had a glorious time at Sissy's birthday Party! She was so pleased with the cross stitch, and is eagerly about her schoolwork today in hopes of carving out some time to stitch some more! What a fun time she had... She chatted all the while at her Aunties party about Sissy! And the sweet friends :) Thanks for having her over to celebrate with you!

eureka said...

I think I recall learning those cross-stitch turtles from your mom when I was little! : ) Happy memory!