Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you need cereal, this is the week to get it.

Safeway (Vons, Dominicks, Tom Thumb, Pavilions, Carrs, or whatever they call it in your neighborhood) is running a three day sale starting today on Kellogg's cereal. You need the 4 boxes for $6 coupon from their circular, and then use four $1 coupons from recent inserts to get them for $0.50 a box. Be sure to ask the folks at the service desk which varieties qualify before you hit the cereal aisle. I lucked out when my cashier finally gave up trying to figure it out and simply gave me the deal on the boxes in my cart.

Albertsons ( Jewel, Acme Markets, etc.) has two grand sales going. If you buy 4 General Mills cereals that are currently on sale for $2.50 per box, the are instantly reduced to $1.50 each. Use 2 of the $1 off 2 boxes coupons from recent inserts and get them for $1 a box. This is another one to check your receipt on. One of the boxes I picked up didn't ring up on sale and it ruined the whole deal. If I hadn't caught it, it would have cost me over $5. There are some specific General Mills coupons on , and there were blinkies for $0.75 off 2 boxes of Cheerios in the aisle at my store.

Albertsons also has a deal on Chex. If you buy 3 boxes, you get them for $5. I bought 6 boxes, used 2 internet coupons from here for $1.10 off 2 boxes and another $1 off 2 boxes from a recent insert to get them for $1.13 each. Pretty good for Chex!


Monica said...

You are the cereal queen! We do not have those stores here, sadly, or I'd be all over it. All the cereal we have right now is this very healthy oat/seed stuff that my children detest. I'm going to try to bake it with honey an make granola for breakfast this morning. They'd much rather have something yummy from a box:)

Peggy said...

Yipppee - cereal fun continues! I think I got 60 boxes of assorted Cheerios last week (shared with others of course!) Thanks!

CC said...

Thanks!!! I got the cereal deal to work at Safeway. With the double coupons my 4 boxes ended up FREE! Hurray!