Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Chicken Scratch

Come to find out, my mom had chickens when she was a girl. As she remembers it, her brother had close to 100 chicks for a FFA (that's Future Farmers of America) project. They kept them in a two-story barn in their backyard. She had some grizzly stories about butchering time. I guess the Polish woman next door used to do the deed, holding them down until they stopped squirming because letting them run around headless damaged the dinner. My mamma was none too happy about the process of dipping the decapitated birds in boiling water before plucking them and would leave that to her mamma. Needless to say, she doesn't think I'm cut out for raising chickens. She hasn't seen this. Of course when I saw the price of the Eglu I almost choked! It would take years to "re-coop" that kind of money! Someone estimated the cost of the eggs at $.93 each for the first year. At that rate the organic cage free eggs from my local green grocer are a steal.

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Monica said...

Yeah, we grew up next to a man who had lots of chickens. He would pay us each summer to clean out the coop and to collect eggs when he was gone. Frankly, chickens scare me. They are so pecky. I had the running wild no-headed chicken experience as a small child and remember it vividly. The smell while plucking out the feathers was the worst. I like my eggs nicely arranged in a carton. Thank you.