Monday, April 21, 2008

The way I see it

You always pay for things, one way or another. And sometimes "another" is more expensive.

We opted out of little league this year because the cost for two boys to play for two months was close to $400; Daddy's work schedule rarely allowed him to make the games; and little league games are...well...not too exciting for the fans so more than half of the family was hot, cold, wet, tired or bored most of the time. We figured that money could be better spent on something the whole family could enjoy.

So this is what we bought.

Yup. A picture window. You see, boy with baseball must throw to other boy, even if second boy is IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!
And, in case you haven't priced this sort of thing lately, having the glass replaced in a 35-year-old double-paned picture window is a little less than $700. Why couldn't chess be the great American pastime?


Sharon said...

I can just picture the boys doing this. Just think....summer isn't even here yet.

eureka said...


Well, if it makes you (or your wallet) feel any better, this is the stuff siblings' favorite childhood memories are made of.

Monica said...

Ouch. Now I see why people just put tape on their broken windows.