Monday, April 14, 2008

This just in...

I received the following email in response to a question I asked about growth hormones in Prairie Farms milk:

Effective February 1, 2008 Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. only purchases milk from dairy farms where the farmer has signed an affidavit stating that he/she does not use rBST on their farm.

Gary D. Lee
V.P. Procurement
Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc

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Rebecca said...

Thanks! I just signed up!

Mike said...

Dear Saralyn,
What Mr. Lee from Prairie Farms Dairy DIDN'T tell you is that he has absolutely no way of knowing whether those dairies are using the supplement or not. You see, there is no test that can detect the difference between the milk produced with the use of the supplement or the milk produced without the use of the supplement.

Also he DIDN'T tell you that these farmers didn't voluntarily sign these affidavits. They were told that they either had to sign or Prairie Farms would not buy their milk. And since they already had signed a contract with Prairie Farms not to sell any milk to anyone other than Prairie Farms, this left them with no options. Prairie Farms also made it clear to the farmers that this was an "honor" system. That they would not be policing the farms to make sure the affidavits were being enforced.

So since there is no test to detect the use of the supplement and several farms were FORCED to sign the affidavit, and no enforcement system, how many do you think are actually going to stop using the supplement & take a 10-15% decrease in income?

The consumer will never know for sure, because the milk is IDENTICAL. Please don't let these processors scare you and other consumers needlessly out of your hard earned money. I am a wife, a mother, and a dairy farmer & I wouldn't hesitate to serve milk that was produced with the aid of this supplement to my family. It has been well researched and millions of people have been consuming milk that was produced with the help of this supplement for almost 20 years.

The processors are trying to mislead the consumers into believing that there is a difference with this "absence labeling". Did you know that there are NO antibiotics OR pesticides in ANY dairy products the consumer purchases? It is the LAW and there are strict testing procedures set up to prevent any "accidents".

Did you know that a dairy is inspected more by the health department than the restaurants you eat at?

Did you also know that ALL milk contains BST and that NO milk contains rBST, the synthetic hormone? The supplement remains in the cow's body where it is used to help her produce her milk more efficiently. Much like you and your children take hormones to help your bodies stay strong. Oh, did they forget to tell you that the Vitamin D that is added to milk is a hormone that does not naturally occur in milk? Hmmm, just more of that "absence labeling".

I don't know about you, but when I am grocery shopping I want to know what IS in the food, not what ISN'T in the food. Don't let them scare you out of your money!!

Anonymous said...

Link does not work at 738 pm on Monday. Nor can I get to work.

Saralyn said...

Don't know why you couldn't get the links to work--they both are functioning fine. Try again!

eureka said...

Hi, Sara. I wonder what our Uncle Ed's opinion would be on this matter? He's the only dairy farmer I know.

Saralyn said...

Yeah, Eureka, the hubby mentioned that, too. Mim, if you're reading this, has your dad been "away from the udder" too long to have any input on this one?