Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let the children come

I'm doing some research for my church on children's church curriculum and am discovering little of great substance. Maybe I'm just terribly picky because we've been on the Christian education program at home for so long, but I'm discouraged by the sappy, watered down presentation of our awesome God that's served up by so many packaged Sunday school programs.

If your kids participate in a program that's teaching them "the good stuff" and sending them back to you ready to "walk it, and talk it," would you mind sharing about it? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

We homeschool and have home churched before. When we needed to look for another church closer to home we found a church
that "allows" the children to stay in the service with us. As a matter of fact our church does not even offer a children's church. The ladies have a baby room where they can step out if they need to with a young one, but then after the child settles down mother and child can return to the service.
When we were visiting churches we would always as a family sit in the service and 100% of the time if the church had a children's program someone would come up and nicely say, "You can put your children in the children's church/program." or something to that affect. We smiled and would say thank you for lettingus know, but continued to stay as a family in that service and then would go on to another church to visit the next week.
No where in the Bible have we found that children being seperate from their parents during church was encouraged.
Someone once said,"Jesus never, ever said: 'Suffer the little children to be packed away in the nursery.' Can you imagine the children being led to Children's Church during the Sermon on the Mount?"
Just my two cents,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to add that our Sunday School Program consists of basically the Bible. If the teacher finds a helpful item to enrich the time in God's Word with the children then he/she may use that. Plus with the younger ones they will sometimes give them a paper to color that ties in with what the topic was.
God bless-Sally