Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good News, And Bad News

Well, after searching the circulars for this deal and that, I did my first bargain shopping trip around town. So far, I stink at this! I misread manufacturers coupons, forgot to pick up in-store coupons, and ended up spending $20 more than I usually spend in a week! I spent $82 including tax on the items pictures. I am going to have to find time to read and listen to Crystal's course (I downloaded it last night) before I try this again!
I'll give myself a small break--I was shopping for extra food because we're having guests this weekend and I did get a lot more products than I usually get due to some of the bargains I couldn't pass up and the buy-one-get-one offers. Also, Crystal's advice about reduced produce served me well--A huge bag of baby carrots for $0.25, a seedless cucumber for $0.50, a pound and a half of grapes for $0.74, 3 packs of bananas for $$0.29 each, and 2 packs of apples for $0.49 each.
I guess the thing that really makes a good bargain shopper is restraint--knowing when to stop. Can someone please teach me that?


Jane said...

I have had those spending nightmare's too! Live and learn. Hope you enjoy your guests!


Sharon said...

Something I learned with the buy one get one, you really need to know what the original price is. They put sales on like that but you are really spending more sometimes.

Meredith said...

In my younger days, I did all the coupons and rebates--but then, I had a steady supply of extra coupons from the local paper delivery guy.

Now, I find that it's not as valuable for me. There's only so much free deodorant and shampoo a family can use.

We have our greatest grocery savings by shopping for reduced meat and produce--and planning our meals around the sales.

Everyone has to find the right balance!

Saralyn said...

Thanks so much for your input. I feel less idotic and better informed!

Monica said...

Good finds on the produce! I think you did great for the first time around. Think about what you would have spent.