Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On raising sons

"Unbelief squashes; faith teaches. Faith takes a boy aside, and tells him that this part of what he did was good, while that other part of what he did got in the way. 'And this is how to do it better next time.' ...Unbelief cannot look past the surface. If there was any sin involved, unbelief sees only the sin. Faith sees what was turned aside to the service of sin and seeks to turn it back again. Sin is parasitic and cannot function without some good attributes that it seeks to corrupt. Consequently, faith must distinguish that which must be preserved and developed and that which must be abandoned as sin."

From Future Men, by Douglas Wilson


Sharon said...

Talk about GOD working in your life. I don't know if you knew i talked with Jeff after church Sunday regarding some things with Mitchell. I think I found my answer with your blog. I need to get that book. Do you thin the have it at the Christian book store in CL?
Thanks Saralyn

Saralyn said...

God works through His people, even when the don't know they're being used! Another wonderful author on boy subjects is Bob Schultz. He's got two books out--Boyhood and Beyond and Created for Work. Both are aimed at the boy to read, not the mom. They're excellent.

anika said...

This is a great book! I praise God for the sound perspective of Doug Wilson, and a fine gal pal like YOU