Monday, January 18, 2010

I won!

And I never win anything! Lizzie over at A Dusty Frame had a giveaway from Tropical Traditions and she drew my name. This is what I won:

While this might not be exciting to some, I was just talking about how I wanted to get some of this powder to include in the kids' smoothies. Being that it's not cheap and that we owe the mechanic a grand for fixing our 13 year old van, I've been pinching pennies and haven't bought any.

I don't know about you, but when the Lord provides small gifts--nothing necessary, just nice--at just the right time, it reminds me that He does know me intimately. Just like my husband knows how I take my coffee, what kind of chocolate I prefer and at what heat setting I like my side of the electric blanket, God understands me.

Jesus knows me, this I love.

And I am humbly thankful.


Monica said...

Every good and perfect gift comes from Him!! Enjoy.

Rebecca said...

Amen. What a blessing!