Friday, October 10, 2008

Keep'n it real

Ok, I admit it. I'm trying to lose those ten pesky pounds I've acquired over the past few years (can't figure out where on earth I got them--wish I'd kept my receipt). I'm working out with Leslie and counting my calories with the Sparkies: six more to go!

The trouble I'm having is with fat, and not just the fat on my hips. Through tracking with Sparkpeople I've realized that while my daily caloric intake is within the acceptable range, most of them come from fat, and I'm low on carbs, fiber and protein. (Guess I need to lay off the Cheetos. Darn.)

So I've been looking for recipes and I picked up the Hungry Girl book at the library yesterday.

She's got some pretty good ideas like making brownies with cake mix and pumpkin puree, and eating turkey pepperoni, but to tell the fat-laden ugly truth, I like real food. Life is just way too short to eat fat free cheese and beef flavored soy bits. As a last resort I could stomach some of the deserts with low fat cool whip and sugar free chocolate pudding, but I just don't think you could fool my mouth with bran cereal coated onion rings or chicken style soy patties.

This foodie's going to have to pass on "Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World" and go for "Real-Food Eating with a Heaping Side of Self-Control." Anybody know where I can find it, cheap?


Rebecca said...

You can have an "AMEN" to that one! I love her newsletter for great eating out ideas & new products to try, but this foodie would rather have a sliver of really great full-fat cheese, than a few chunks of non-fat fake stuff.

*blush* I did start another blog chronicling my healthy eating journey. {15 pounds down!} You can find it by clicking on my profile.

Would love to share ideas about eating "real" food :>)

Monica said...

I can spend a lot of time and calories eating my way through the healthier selections and end up right where I intended never to be- eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie with milk:) Might as well have started there to begin with- just not every day- that's the key.