Sunday, October 12, 2008

Radical Womanhood

Carolyn McCulley's new book Radical Womanhood has officially hit the bookstores, and if you don't have it, go buy it.


Because you need it.

I mean it!

I "met" Carolyn via the internet back in February. She had posted about her book which was in the works, and I emailed her a curiosity question about her cover: I used to work for her publisher and thought I recognized the company that did the artwork. One thing led to another and I had the tremendous privilege of being on her editing team.

Carolyn's thoroughness and scholarship are top-notch. She articulates the errors found within the extreme thinking of the feminist movement without discounting the wrongs righted and honor due some brave women who refused to be quieted in the face of injustice, always reminding the reader that truth resides within the Word of God alone. Reading her findings challenged my thinking and encouraged me to examine my identity in Christ and my place in the created order. In taking me back to the early days of political feminism, and even further back to the dawn of history, Carolyn helped me to see not just why we do what we do, but whose idea it was in the first place, and how it all stacks up next to God's plan for His people. In my slightly biased opinion, this is the best book on the subject available today.

For a wonderful four-minute video overview, go to the Radical Womanhood website.

Thanks, Carolyn, for putting in all those long hours and giving us this great resource. You have blessed me immensely, and I'm sure many others will say the same.

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Monica said...

What a great opportunity! It's always incredible how God works things out.

I will be giving this book a read and passing it on as well.

In High School I was Jr. Miss (it's a scholarship type pageant- so they claim). My interview question at the state pageant was, "Do you consider yourself a feminist, why or why not?" I wasn't exactly clear on the political implications of my answer, but I game them a Biblical perspective from a 17 year old point of view. Didn't advance to the finals... hmm...wonder why...