Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 5: Belt it

If I am learning anything from this little experiment it is that I can be an adventurous dresser. I have never once tucked anything into these pants. Never. Now I know most people don't consider tucking in your shirt and belting your pants an adventure, but for me, it's almost over the top!

Horny Toad T-shirt (thrifted), a.n.a. shorts (thrifted and then altered), Abercrombie belt (thrifted), Mossimo sandals (Target), thrifted necklace, bracelet made by Dad

Moms don't have to be sloppy; who knew? I feel like a brand new woman!


Sarah in Indiana said...

This whole week has been an adventure for me, so I can identify. You are really rising to the challenge. I bet the tuck and belt gives those capris a totally different look than usual. Cute shoes!

anotherfishinthesea said...

Ha I totally agree that both tucking and belting in one day can be a bold move, I feel the same way! Your outfit turned out great, you look simple, but polished!