Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 8: Dressy + Casual

Mixing dressy and casual seems like something only the rich and famous do, but I was pretty happy with the way this "cheap nobody" one turned out. The blouse is part of a 2-piece dress I bought for Pru and Eric's wedding years ago. I never wear it. I'm a home school mom; when do I get to dress up? This challenge forced it out of the closet orphan category.

I payed more than my usual thrift limit for the jeans, then had to have them professionally altered (they were out of my league), and I'm still not satisfied with their fit. They hug my thighs too much and are too loose at the waist. But again, here's a way I'm pleased to wear them.

Chadwicks blouse, Loft Jeans (thrifted, altered), Payless sandals, Avon necklace


Janelle said...

I love that as a blouse! So pretty!

Eric & Hilary Rose said...

your blouse is really pretty! i like that you paired it with jeans to make it more of an 'everyday' top.

Sam said...

That is a really cute blouse! And good luck on getting your jeans fixed, it's so important to have a perfect pair!