Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 14: Copycat

Sally McGraw at Already Pretty is the woman who turned me on to pursuing fashion just the way I am, without having to fix myself first. I didn't need a flatter stomach, whiter teeth, or better clothes to start enjoying the way I dress. What I had was, well, already pretty. And she is my inspiration for today's copycat look.

original photo here

Here's my version:

Day 14:  Copycat
Carol Little blouse (thrifted), LOFT dress--remix item--(thrifted), red Ropers (gift from the Texan the Christmas I married him)

21 Day Challenge


Kayla said...

Oh my goodness, this is adorable. Love love love the bright boots.

Freckles in April

Sarah in Indiana said...

So cute! I love your red boots and your ruffled shirt. My hubbie is a Texan, too. By birth, anyway, and Texas a place that doesn't really let go of you, even when you leave it.

Emily's Going Nuts said...

Oh my goodness, that skirt is so cute. And those boots are awesome! I'd love to own a pair like that, but I think they'd be sorely under-used!