Friday, January 11, 2008

Frugal Friday

In a helpful article called Managing God's Money, Randy Alcorn points out a misconception many people have about saving:

Saving is setting aside money for a future purpose; it stays in our wallet or in the bank. It can be used for other purposes, including our needs or the needs of others. Money that's spent leaves our hands and is no longer at our disposal. If we buy an $80 sweater on sale for $30, we've spent $30. If we think we've just saved $50, we simply don't understand the concept of saving. If we keep "saving" like that, we'll soon be broke!

With that in mind, and inspired by Chris's year off from shopping I offer you my 5 easy ways we saved $100 last year:

1. I cut everyone's hair but mine. (You're now saying, I thought that family looked funny!) A few years back I ordered the book Cutting Your Family's Hair and purchased scissors, clippers, and a cape. It has truly saved us a bundle.

2. Another "mane" savings is that I am willing to go gray. Hair color is expensive, and it's even more expensive to have it professionally done. Besides, isn't gray hair a crown of splendor?

3. We ditched the TV. There is no local television reception in our area and when we moved here six years ago we decided we weren't going to spend the money for cable. We haven't missed a thing.

4. We love our local library. It's a treasure trove for movies, books, magazines, and audios all for the bargain price of local taxes.

5. Redbox. Quite a few people have mentioned this one lately, but the video vending machine has been great for family nights and date nights. If you do pay for them, it's only $1 per night, but they've actually sent us more free codes than we've had time to use.

Those are my five. What are yours? Be sure to stop over at Biblical Womanhood and see what others have to say.


Lyn said...

Great point about what "saving" really is. I must agree, as there seems to be more of a focus on buying deals out there (which people see as saving) but really keeping the money in hand is the true savings.

I'll be reading the article you mentioned too, and thanks for the food for thought.

Alexandra said...

Good advice! I cut the family's hair, and like anything, it really gets easier the more you do it. I can do it fast now that I have confidence. We started years ago with the Flo-be machine, now I do it free hand.

Heather L. said...

Hi Saralyn -- it's nice to "meet" you via your comment on my blog!

Monica said...

Going gray? Good for you. Think of all the money you'll save over the years. Thousands, I'm sure.